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Diclonius Report

3 September
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Teenaged high school graduate. Art Major. Comment Whore. Pro-Choice. Pro-Gay Marriage. Female. Authoress, Artist. Pocky-loving, skittle-snatching, ramune-chugging psycho. Internet-addict, video game veteran. Anime lover. Black clothing obsessed. Random, insane, immature. Slytherdore. Unable to be frightened by horror-movies.

Jrock fan, punk fan. Dance music, ska, techno, AFI fan.

Yaoi shipper, hentai minded. Dislikes most cannon.

The girl who sits in the back of the class.

Introverted. Lack of Logic. Loves to debate. And argue.

Isn't christian. Isn't wiccan. Has her own religion. Led by a goddess.

Stuffed animal collector.

>>Boy Slaves<<

// Cid HighwindxVincent Valentine

Forever Love~matsumoto hideto

Marriage is love.